Welcome to Awegmented

3D visualizations for business and medicine
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Make the work you do safer, more efficient, and more accurate with 3D computing and data visualizations.

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Enhanced education and training with AR and VR
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Bring education to life in ways that engage students and allow them to learn in new and exciting ways.

Unique experiences for arts and culture
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Transform your artwork, gallery, or museum into a 3D interactive experience through augmented or virtual reality.

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What do we do?

We create customized augmented and virtual reality 3D visualization and spatial computing applications.

If you can imagine it, we can build it.

Our mission is to provide a digital pathway for companies and institutions to improve the quality of people’s everyday lives by seamlessly accessing the digital world. With our technologies and team of dedicated people, we want to provide tools that enrich people’s natural interactions with the world. We want our clients to be able to easily and quickly realize their vision of delivering digitally-enlivened experiences for their students, employees, and customers that make the impossible possible.

What can we help you with?

Education and training materials
3D computing for workplace solutions
Customized AR and VR applications

How do we work?

We collaborate with you to build the best solution for your situation. We begin by asking about your needs and then working with you to create customized products that fit those needs. We do this by leveraging our 3D computing hardware and software expertise, decades of design experience, and commitment to customer service to create the kinds of experiences you want for your customers, students, trainees, employees, or users.

Why parther with us?

We can quickly design and deliver customized AR, VR, or spatial computing solutions that work best for you.

We have decades of award-winning educational experience. We can help you improve training and education through digital enhancements and immersive experiences.

We can create applications for screen devices, but we can also help your employees work more efficiently and safely by providing data and 3D visualizations through the latest eyewear and headsets that free users to work with their hands.

We can turn the 2D world into 3D interactivity that enhances people’s experience.

We can improve the quality of people’s interactions with your products through seamless access to the digital world by enhancing, not altering, their natural interactions.

What’s the difference between AR and VR?

Virtual reality (VR) extracts you from the real world and immerses you in a digital one. The VR experience relies on shutting out the world around you to decrease distractions and increase what’s called “presence” in the VR environment. The more immersed you are in the VR space, the more “present” you feel, and the more “real” the experience.

Augmented reality (AR) allows you to see the natural world around you while also having the ability to access digital information that is superimposed on what you see. The digital world “augments” your experiences with the real world.

Which one is right for me or my situation?

Virtual Reality (VR): If you want your customers, students, or employees to feel like they are somewhere else, to be wholly immersed in an experience, to explore something that would be otherwise impossible in the real world, like the inside of a human body or another planet, or to have interactions with historical figures then VR is probably the best application.

Augmented Reality (AR): If you want your customers, students, or employees to be able to call upon data that enhances their understanding or experience of something while still being able to see it in the real world, then augmented reality is probably the best application. It allows us to mesh the digital with the real, and with headsets to see digital information or media while also using our hands to do other things.

See some of our work

There are unlimited possibilities in which 3D and spatial computing can help your business to run more efficiently, attract more customers, and help your employees work faster, more accurately, and more safely. See some examples of how we’re using AR and VR.

Virtual Reality (VR)
Augmented Reality (AR)

Lets work together! Contact us today to see how Awegmented can help you realized the potential of 3D and spatial computing.

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