Our app works by both location and image recognition.

Image recognition: We can initiate any conceivable digital interaction on any mobile device using any image ever created. Just hold your phone up to any image (photograph, painting, illustration, anything) while running the app to trigger content. No QR codes needed, no bar codes, no special signage. Nothing but a picture.

Location recognition: Pick any structure or location in the world, and when someone with our app interacts with it, we can trigger any content imaginable. Design scavenger hunts, audio narration, or freeform walking tours where people can go in any direction at any time of day or night.

Premiere Trailer
Image is not available
Promo Trailer for an Interactive Movie Premiere
Promo for the augmented reality digital scaveneger hunt at the premiere screening of Wolf Hollow.
Poster Animation
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Animated Move Poster
We created this AR animation that works with the official poster of the film Wolf Hollow. The animations works anywhere, at any size.
Poster Animation
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The Making of Wolf Hollow AR
A behind the scenes look at how we made a digital scavenger hunt for the film premiere event. Once people completed the interactions they were able to register for a drawing to win props from the film.

Note: For the examples on this page (below) to work, you’ll need the AWEgmented app installed on your phone. If you don’t have it, go to our Beta page and follow the instructions. Once the app is installed, come back here. Or you can just watch the videos.

Because the demos on this page showcase the image recognition and tracking features of the software, you’ll also need to be viewing this webpage on a desktop or laptop computer, or tablet. This demo page will not work if you are viewing this website on your mobile device only.

This demo also works best if your browser is set to full screen so that you can have the entire image viewable.

To see the interactivity:

1. Open the AWEgmeted app on your mobile phone
2. Go to the Library and select the “What is Awegmented” experience
3. Hover the camera over the images on the screen

Talking Painting

Art education: audio, Moving images, interactivity

When you hold up your phone with the “What is AWEgmented” app open, this painting will come alive and talk to you describing how, in 17th century England, working-class women faced limited opportunities and challenges. They worked in domestic roles, agriculture, and textiles, often enduring low wages and poor conditions. Education was rare, and legal and social constraints restricted their autonomy. Despite this, they played essential roles in supporting their families and contributing to the economy. Their contributions were undervalued, and societal inequalities were prevalent.

Las Meninas

Art education: 3D models, audio, text, images, digital mesh overlay

This is a famous painting by Diego Velazquez called Las Meninas. We chose this image because it works well for art education. In this image, we highlight the painter, Velazquez, the Infanta Margaret Theresa, perspective lines to show how the painter used a 2D medium to create the illusion of 3D, and a fun surprise with animated 3D models we made in the likeness of the characters in the painting. Notice the digital “shelf” that extends from the bottom with scrolling text that allows you to look at the painting while also getting additional information through text and audio.

Frederick Douglass Mural

walking tours & location-triggered Interactivity: video, slideshows, images, digital character, Audio

This is a well-known mural in downtown New Bedford, Massachusetts. This mural depicts some of the history and culture of New Bedford and highlights one of its most famous residents, Frederick Douglass, who came to New Bedford after escaping slavery in Maryland.

We can create any interaction projected onto any structure, inluding on this wall (it works just the same when you’re standing in front of the actual wall in New Bedford).

Notice how the parts of the image stand out, the slideshow, and the clarity of the photos in the slideshow (go ahead, get up real close!), the 3D model digital docent who steps out to discuss the mural, and the video that stays in registration over the image no matter where you move your phone.

Bonnie and Clyde Trivia

quizzes and scavenger hunts: Text, Audio, score-keeping, haptic feedback

This image triggers a “screen space” interaction, which is a quiz based on the image. This quiz will keep score, provide haptic and audio feedback, and give a rating at the end. We can create any quiz, scavenger hunt, text, or visual information on any screen just by holding up the phone to one image. We can even make other images the answers to the questions so that users would need to seek out and identify the correct image in your collection to get it right. We can also make the interactions social so that friends and families can play together or against each other.

Scene from the movie Bonnie and Clyde produced by Warner Brothers Studios

Eliot Ness and Al Capone

Image-triggered interactivity: photos, text, audio

This photograph of Elliot Ness and Al Capone shows image interactivity, audio information, multiple options for voice-overs, and screen text. Hover over the image to learn more about it, including which person is Ness and which is Capone and why this image is so essential to the story.

Al Capone and the Untouchables

Image-triggered interactivity: 3D models, digital interactivity with images, audio

This is a fun interaction with Al Capone and his nemesis, the Untouchables. This shows 3D modeling, interactivity, scavenger hunt information, and the 3D model interacting with the image on the screen. We can create any 3D interactivity with any image.