Design Brief

If you're representing an organization, place the name here.
Provide a brief explanation of the overall project.
Describe the goals and objectives you want to achieve with the project.
What behaviors or outcomes will define success once the project is designed and released to your users?
What kinds of tangible, time-bound, metrics or measurables can we use to assess the success of the project? For example if you were to say "If we get __% of users to ___, that would mean the project was a success," then how would you fill in the blanks?
Who is the intended audience or the people you want to reach with this project? Who are we designing for? What do we know about them?
What do you want to end up with for this project? What is the full scope of what you envision?
Are there any specific features that you want to have included in the project?
Describe the look and feel you want.
Are there any limitations or restrictions that should be considered when designing this project?
Is there a specific timeline for this project? If so, list any important deadlines for content delivery, design reviews, testing, final delivery of the project, etc.